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Related post: Date: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 09:01:08 +0900 From: Andrej Koymasky Subject: Puppets Theatre 01--------------------------I started writing gay stories in 1985 and to 100 nonude lolita sites now I wrote about 80 of them. Being Italian, of course I wrote them in Italian. Now, many of my friends asked me to translate them in English. But my English, also if understandable, is surely not a "literary" one: I can't know all the nuances and literary tricks I can use in Italian. I need somebody revising my translation. Now, I found a person that is kindly helping me with my stories. But I can't ask to one single person to help me with all of my stories. So, if amongst you there is somebody (with a good English style) that thinks this unpaid work worthy, and wants to help me, I would be really happy. If such a person exists, can send me an e-mail at:andrejkoymaskygeocities.com----------------------------THE PUPPETS THEATERby Andrej Koymasky (C) 1999 written the 16 th of December, 1989 translated by the author English text kindly revised by Richard-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"THE PUPPETS THEATER" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, ore because you think yo really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.-----------------------------ACT ONE - The Puppet GuglielmoFirst Scene:"I really do envy you, you know? With your work, you can choose the cream of the crop and you never are disappointed. Moreover, you have the right leverage to encourage them not refuse." Piero said."Ah, but it's not all 'peaches and cream', you know. Sure, often I can set my conditions, that's true. After all, it is not everyone who attracts me, and then among those who appeal to me, not everybody accepts. And if one 100 top lolitas nude is mixed lolitas ls studio just average, I can tell him to 'go to hell', but if they're good, I really do have to keep him whether or not he accepts - business is business after all. Besides artists always cause trouble, they are so inconsistent and uncontrollable, particularly if you take them to bed," Guglielmo said thoughtfully.Guglielmo Zaccone was a 37 years old talent agent and had divorced lolita free video clips when he lolita young nude free was 24, when his wife cheated on him with a Spanish woman singer. Before that Guglielmo went without preference with both men and women, but after his divorce, little by little he realized that he liked best men."It could be as you say. But each time I see you with a new one, and each one better than the last... What do you say, for instance, of that Argentine dancer?" Piero took another zip from his glass. "That boy!", he sighed, "I would really have liked to have him.""It's all water under the bridge, same old story. He was a handsome boy, without doubt, and he was also good, both on the stage and on bed, but he was way too wild. So I dismissed him. Now I am handling a young singer composer from Bergamo. He is not so beautiful, but in bed he is a dream. And he is a quiet boy. And I didn't even have any difficulty in taking him in my bed... and in making him do all I like. He laid down just one condition, can you guess which one? Just not to let his girlfriend suspect he has sex with me!""But, when will you find a steady lover? Wouldn't you like to stop, for a while?""No, not at all! This loli girl net models way naked lollitas preteens russian is more amusing. With the choice I can have, why to limit myself to just one?" Guglielmo answered laughing and emptied his glass of whiskey, then took his leave of Piero's apartment.____________ As an agent he became one of the most famous and pre teen boy lolitas highly valued of all northern Italy. His success was due to two factors - he did start with a large amount of capital, and he cared about all the branches of the performing arts, both in the big cities as in the province. So, accepted both artists and theaters of many levels and genre. He had organized his agencies in the region's main towns, Venice, Milan, Bologna, Turin and Genoa. He turned from one to the other, but he resided more often in Turin, the town from which he started.He always conducted the auditions of the artists himself for two reasons: first, because he trusted only in his own intuition and judgement, and second, because if the artist was a boy that appealed to him, he had a good chance to try to take him in his bed.To achieve this goal, he had different systems. He himself was a handsome man, athletic, sporting, likeable, learned and extroverted. But then, depending on the type auditioning for him, he knew how to make to him his proposal: sometimes in a discreet and barely hinted at way; at times asking him almost brutally and in a direct way, often putting that as a condition to sign the contract; variously making the boy believe that this could facilitate his career; and at other times in a more sly way. And he was successful, more often than he admitted to his friends. It was rare he received a blunt refusal. At times he just needed time and patience to make the fruit ripen and fall in his hand. Or rather, in his bed.In his own way, Guglielmo also was an artist. But the only goal of his art was the conquest of young men with whom he could amuse himself... And did he amused himself!Now, for instance, besides having that singer-composer on his hands, he laid his eyes on a really handsome magician. He was a 23 years old boy, black hair and green eyes, who seemed to have a rather beautiful body. With him he had to adopt the technique of "you are skilled and I would like you to have success, but there is so much competition, you see, it is so difficult now a days... You have to be ready for some... compromise, for some... sacrifice..."Back at his office he asked to his private lolita bbs young girls secretary if there were news."Three audition applications - a tap dancer girl, a violinist and a jazz band, Doctor Zaccone.""Did you give them the forms for the schedule and for the basic information?""Certainly, doctor. They have just finished them. They are complete.""Give them to me. I'll examine them, then we can fix the auditions schedule." the impresario answered.He took the files, went in his studio and started to examine them. First that of the dancer: Maria Vietti. He read, wrote down some notes, then talked in the intercom to his secretary: "Marina, fix the audition for the dancer at theater for the 25th, at 5 p.m.. We have two more auditions on that occasion, so we can slip this one between them.""The girl asked if it was possible this week...""No, I have don't have time."He went on to the second file, that of the violinist. Beniamino Petrucci, 23 years old. He immediately looked carefully at the picture: blond, slightly waved hair parted in center, eyes that seemed forlorn, or perhaps frightened, a straight nose, a straight mouth, well cut and with just a hint of sensuality, but with a touch free preteen lolita sex of sadness. It was not possible to clearly see the color of the eyes, but they must have been pale. Not too bad, but nothing special. He studied violin in two foreign academies, but he never performed in public.He read his repertory list: it was very good, really wide ranging. If he was also skilled in playing, he could be a good number. He took the picture again and looked at it some more. He confirmed his first impression: not so beautiful, but not bad. 'If he has... hidden talents also in his physical aspect,' the man thought, 'we shall strive to discover them and to... make the most of them'.He again called his secretary: "Marina, setup an audition for Petrucci, the violinist. Here at the office, for the 12th, at 7:30 p.m.""So late, doctor?""Yes, I'll be here. At 7:30 of the 12th then?"Then he went on to examine the file of the jazz band. Five boys between 18 and 25. Four rather plain, the fifth fairly good. So far little exotic nude lolitas the magician was the best he found amongst the new applicants. He really wanted to pick him up... moreover the boy had a little ass, more than attractive..."Marina, please, make the audition for the jazz band at the theater for the 29th at 4 p.m. Then, try to call Aresi, the magician. Tell him to come here tomorrow at 2 p.m.""Certainly, Doctor."At 2 p. m., just after lunch, reflexes are less ready and the body needs to relax, Guglielmo thought. The agent took the boy's picture out of the desk drawer and looked at it: yes, he was really handsome. He had to make him undress, and then... A dancer, it was easy real world lolitas nymphets to make undress... But a illusionist? They always perform rather overdressed. He could propose to him a Greek slave look... yes it could also work, on stage, if the boy had a beautiful body..."Marina, for afternoon let me have a Greek slave costume and the materials for make up.""Yes, Doctor."'So,' he thought, 'I make him undress, wear the costume and then, with the pretext to put on him the make up, I can start to touch him... It could work. But if he doesn't accept the idea of the Greek slave? I must convince him, anyway, I must take this boy to my bed, he is so handsome...'Just the idea of managing to fuck the young magician, aroused him, so he picked up the telephone and called his current bed boy, the singer composer."Hi, it's me. Listen, you are free tonight, right?""Yes, Guglielmo. Do you free loli adult games want me to come to your place?""Yes, Alberto. Come for supper, okay?""Agreed. We will be alone, lolita nudee pic underadge right?""Sure. Why, do you want a naked little girls lolittas threesome?""Don't be such an ass hole! I just wanted to know if it was a business meeting or...""Yes, sure, a business meeting, our private business! Isn't that the best?""You know I like it. Who would have thought... gallery loli pic pussy I was a such an good boy...""Yes, sure. With all the girls who were running after you!""You can say that again. And still they do...""Sure, they want to lynch you because you steal all their boyfriends!""Bastard! You always have a quick tongue... You know wet pussies russian lolita perfectly well that before meeting you, I just tried it a couple of times...""And after meeting me?" the agent smiled."Just you and my girlfriend, you know that...""All right. Well, see you tonight, handsome!""See you, hunk!"Guglielmo hung up, pleased. fresh young dolls lolita Tonight he would enjoy himself at his leisure. Second Scene: "Doctor, Mister Petrucci is here...""Ask him come in, Marina. Then you can go home, I'll close the office.""Shall I leave the photocopier on?""Yes, please.""All right, doctor. See you tomorrow."The violinist entered. He had modest air, and the agent's expert eye saw that he was not the ideal type who could be a hit with the audience. But the seducer's expert eye saw at once that the boy's body was far from bad. If the boy was talented as a violinist, lolita 16 14 pic it could be worth it just to mold him."Please, take a seat." the doctor said pointing to a chair.The boy sat down. He nervously rubbed his hands, it was evident that the boy was trying preteens lolita 16 yo to strike an attitude, but it wasn't quite working, he looked still terribly embarrassed.'Embarrassed boys are a little more easy to... persuade,' the agent told himself. He decided that it was better to treat him with familiarity."So, Young Man, you desire to enter the performances, the concert world. I see here that you are 23 years old... a little late to start, but... I see you have your violin with you, good. First of all, let me hear how you play, then we can see if... What score did you bring with you?""None, sir. I don't use music, when I am prepared.""Good. What would you play for me, then?""Any one of the pieces of my repertory, sir...""You mean... that you know all of them by heart?""Certainly, sir. I practice every day for several hours. Of course, before a concert I would have to practice the pieces to perform, to deepen them..."The impresario nodded, astounded. That boy must have a prodigious memory! This was a point in his favor. He had just to make the boy assume a more self confident air..."Then, play me--' he looked down the list, picking one that he himself liked, "--the Listz's No. 4, Mazzepa."The boy opened his violin case, took out the instrument, put it to his shoulder, made a short arpeggio to check the tuning and, barely pausing, began the piece.The impresario carefully listened - the boy had really talent. He played very well. The piece needed to be refined, to be sure, but it was executed in a personal and very likeable way, not stilted. The boy played on, absorbed in the music, and as he played, seemed to be transformed. The impresario looked at him in fascination. The violinist seemed lolita non noude models to become more and more handsome as he executed each musical phrase.As the piece ended, the impresario asked him for a second, a third piece, then one more. At the end the man asked the boy: "You really never played a concert?""Apart from the conservatory, I never performed in public, sir.""It is really time you start performing, my boy!""You'll take me, Sir?""It is very lolita bbs great bbs likely. naked young boys lolita But I have to lay down several conditions, besides the normal ones of the contract. You lack just one, but very important thing - presence. The 'look', to put it in the vernacular. Therefore, first condition - we have to teach you to change completely the way you look. At first sight you are awkward, lacking sincerity. And first impressions are very important. Second condition, you have, until we start the real concerts, to adapt yourself to play in second or third choice places, to get used to the audience. Refined places, of course, but secondary. Third: I will care for you personally, I will not entrust you to one of my experts. But, be mindful, I demand very much from the people I decide to follow personally.""It's fine with me, Sir.""When I say I demand very much, I'm not joking. Both in schedule that as a physical and professional dedication. My way to direct could at times seem weird, peculiar, perhaps even odd, but I always know what I am doing and why. Therefore, I don't have any intention in justifying myself each time in what I do and why, is that clear?""I understand, Sir.""So then, with these conditions, do you want me to be your agent, your manager?""This is the reason I came to meet you, sir.""Very good.""Just... there is one problem, sir. My father is in a clinic in Lausanne. There are just the two of us. So, at least every bd company lolita alfasex two or three days, I need to go to visit him. Do you think that this could harm my career?""Well... somewhat, yes. In the important tours at times you could need to stay away even for months. But, at least at the beginning, it would not raise impossible problems. Will this problem last for longtime?""I'm afraid it will not last so much. My father will die in few months...""Oh, I'm sorry... I didn't know that..."An embarrassed silence fell, but then the agent collected himself."Don't worry, boy. If you rely on me, you will see that we can find a solution for everything. So, let's see... come tomorrow morning, with this card, to meet my secretary and to plan out a first trial contract. Then come back to see me on next Tuesday, again at 7:30 p.m. Okay?""Thank naked nymphets and lolitas you Sir. I am really grateful to you, Sir. See you again, you have been very kind, Sir."They shook hands and Guglielmo liked the gentle but firm hold of the boy. He looked at him while the boy was leaving his studio. Yes, he was really awkward, but he would personally mold that boy. With his special method. The boy had a fine height and wide shoulders, two essential, basic gifts - he could really bring the best of him, to a strikingly good look. He had probably to order him to do some physical exercises to strengthen his body... preteen pussy lolita underage While the boy was playing, he recalled, stood erect, was like transformed - therefore there were the makings... and he was a good 'maker'. And he would also manage to fuck that boy, he was certain...He looked at his watch, it was almost little russian lollita sluts 10 p.m. He'd lost track of time, he closed the office and went immediately home.On the following morning, Guglielmo had a new appointment with Carlo Aresi, the magician. Even with the many complications, the young man acquiesced during the no nude fashion lolitas first appointment, to wear the Greek slave costume. Carlo pointed out that a magician needed clothes with sleeves and pockets. But Guglielmo was interested in other things, for the moment. So, the boy undressed in front of him, without shyness, remaining with just his briefs on him. Guglielmo enjoyed him with his eyes - the boy had a really beautiful body, and the briefs were swollen in the right way. With the pretext to put on a light make up Guglielmo touched him and felt a firm and sound body, a smooth and soft skin, that made his blood pressure increase. He touched the boy's lips with a fingertip to spread a veil of color on them, to darken them a little, and Carlo had a light quiver."It suits you. You will see for yourself. On stage you would cut a very good figure. But, I understand, probably for your work this is not the ideal clothing. It is really a pity, your body would be really enhanced and on stage appearance accounts, at least, for 30 percent... You have a really beautiful body, it is something to show..."The young man listened with a light smile on his lips: "But unhappily I have to work more dressed than that, Doctor. At the most, if you like, I could wear a tailcoat, without anything under... so my chest would be naked...""You have very nice pectorals. Yes, it could be a good idea. Sexy - a tailcoat on the bare skin.... But, don't you have numbers where you don't need sleeves or pockets?""Certainly, I have some...""Then, we can think to a two sets of numbers, those to perform with the tailcoat, and those to do as you are now. You would get a lot of admirers, women and men, if you appear on stage like now, who will come to knock at your dressing room to ask you for an autograph... and other things."The boy was looking at him with a cunning and amused smile: "Other things? Like what?""With a body beautiful like yours, what do you want it to be? They will ask you to do magic tricks, in private, like making their clothes to disappear...""Both women and... men, you said?""Certainly. In the performing world it is normal, don't you know?""Yes, but not just in the performing world...""Particularly. Especially with a body like yours. I seldom meet artists with such a proportioned body.""I do lot of exercise. I concentrate on appearance.""I can see it, my dear boy. Also your arms are firm..." Guglielmo said, feeling them.He took another step forward - Guglielmo touched him without the slightest reaction. real lola lolita magazines He was near pushing forward the action, when the telephone rang. It was Alberto, the singer composer. Guglielmo fixed him an appointment and got rid of him quickly. Now he was all taken up by the magician.As he approached again the young man, "We were saying...""That I can have success. But... also as a magician, or just as a ... body?""Both, both. And babez lolita model 7yr the one helps the other, remember. And I can take care of both, if you want. I can make of you a real star, if you cooperate, of course. I would like, just as a start, to include you in an all night party at the Saint Vincent Casino. It is a pity that for the next months they have already decided the bill. But possibly... I can also try to see if I can include you..."Here, now the decisive step was beginning...The young man smiled in a captivating way: "It would be really great. I would like so much to start to work loli mini models free as soon as possible. Therefore..."The intercom buzz interrupted them again. Guglielmo was rather annoyed. It was his secretary reminding him of a meeting in few minutes, one he could not postpone. So Guglielmo had not other choice than to dismiss the boy. He setup a new appointment for the following morning. But this time he could not use the pretext of the Greek slave lolitas at puberty nude costume to make him undress, to touch him.Possibly, he thought, with this boy he would not have to mince words. Probably it was unnecessary to beat about the bush. With Alberto, for instance, right away the first time he said to the boy that, if he proved himself to be available, he would have, and willingly, helped him. And Alberto, who at once understand the meaning of his words, answered that he was fully available - Guglielmo had just to ask. So he said to the boy that he preferred to continue that conversation the same night, at his place.And Alberto, to make clear he did understand, said: "I hentay loli 3d gallery will come tonight to your place. But, please, don't let my fiance know about it, and I will be at your disposal how and when you desire". Guglielmo afterwards discovered that Alberto really did have a fiance but that, besides liking the girls, he had had a couple of adventures also with men.On the morning of the next day, when Carlo came to his office, Guglielmo had not russia preteen lolita models yet decided what method to follow with the boy.So, he decided to just improvise: "Ah, Carlo, I'm glad to see you again. I hope that this time prelolita top model pix we will not be continually interrupted.""Why don't you tell your secretary not to pass the calls?" the boy, seraphic, proposed."Yes, right. Marina?" he called to his secretary."Yes, Doctor?""I am not here for anybody. I don't want to be disturbed for any reason.""All right, Doctor.""Done. You are a quick witted boy, my compliments. I like you.""Thank you." Carlo quietly answered."Did you think about what I said you yesterday?""Certainly. To all." he answered, underlining that "all"Guglielmo, made curious, looked at him: "I like you, I say it again. And I have the feeling that we will get on well with each other.""I really hope so. From my part, I will do all I can.""But I warn you, I have a tough manner. At times I have demands that can seem absurd. But I can also be very kind with those who are not difficult with me.""Then, all is okay. I have no intentions to be difficult. 'Who does with me an even reckoning, receives from me a long friendship'... just to personalize a proverb."The answers were straight, but didn't permit Guglielmo to be certain if the boy clearly understood what he was driving at, and therefore gave him freehand to proceed, or if instead was off by a mile and was thus answering in a naive way.Guglielmo studied the young man for a while, then said: "I also thought a lot about our meeting of yesterday. And to the fact that you have a body to envy.""Envy? Certainly not to you. I didn't have the opportunity to columbian lolita preteen models see you undressed, but I don't feel you have anything to envy me of, on the contrary... It is me, rather, to envy a man like you. In fact you are a really seducing man."'Here we go,' Guglielmo thought, 'perhaps he is leaving it to me.' "I can't complain. Anyway, thank you for the compliment. Do you play many sports?""I am into exercise, let's say. I don't like to look like a sack of potatoes. I guess that I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, I like being looked at, being admired. For instance, I like the way you look at me. It makes me feel at ease..."'Yes, really here we are,' the agent said to himself, rejoicing. "Listen, Carlo. I liked you from the first moment I saw you. I will manage to make you debut next Sunday at Saint Vincent Casino, if you deserve it. What do you think?""Wow! Tell me just what I have to do to deserve it... Just ask me, and if I can satisfy you...""You can, you can my dear boy! Those who are kind to me, receives kindness from me. And I like available guys.""Doctor Zaccone, I can be really available..." the boy said, underlining with his voice the "really". Then he added, smiling: "And with you, it would be even a pleasure to be available...""Well, then, what are you waiting for?" Guglielmo said, looking him straight in his eyes."Are you sure we will not be disturbed, this time?""If you want, you can also lock the door, it's not necessary though."Carlo stood up from his chair and turned lolita model in bikini around the desk: "I like you, Doctor Zaccone. Here I am, tell me what you the best horny lolas want...""I want you.""I am preteens nude lolicon hentai here... for you.""Sit here on my lap. Right now I want just a taste. Then, tonight, you'll come to my home, and we can focus on all the details. Come here, I want to touch you, to be touched by you..."They didn't really make love, but they came close to it. They touched, felt, kissed each other. Guglielmo slipped his hand inside the boy's trousers and teased with a finger the boy's anus for a while. Carlo quivered and smiled, then, through the man's trouser cloth, grabbed his hard member. They French kissed again. Then they parted, fixing the meeting for that evening, and said good bye.Guglielmo was really satisfied. He hoped that in bed the boy would be at the same level with what he saw and tasted in those few minutes of physical contact. Alberto and Carlo, two handsome boyfriends in the same period. Not bad at all.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ACT 1 - Third Scene:In the evening, at 7:30, the violinist came."Hello, Beniamino, I was waiting for you. Come in," he said with a warm smile."Good evening, Doctor Zaccone.""You don't need to bring your violin every time. Now I know that you can play. I saw that you already signed the trial contract, so we can start at once. First thing, you have to learn to walk, to move, to show yourself to the audience. Then we will strengthen your body, to make it more harmonious.""Excuse me Sir, but I have just to play, not to be a model.""First, the look, as I said, is very important on stage. You don't have to just to record an LP or a CD but to perform in front of an audience. Second, you can not to contradict me, and I don't want to waste my time to explain you each detail. Either you trust me, or we break off the contract.""I am sorry, Sir. As you say is good.""So, as I was saying, you would possibly need to workout in a gym. But, for now you have to undress, so that I can appraise your muscles.""Undress, Sir? I would have...""Yes, what's so juicy preteen nude lolita strange?""It's that... I'm surprised. And I... I have always been ashamed to undress in front of strangers...""Soon I won't be a stranger to you. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, we are two men.""As you want, Sir. Do you want me to undress here?""Sure."The boy stood up, hesitant, and started to unbutton his light cotton jacket. He carefully folded it and put it on the chair. Then he began to unbutton his shirt. He was not doing it all that slow, really, but close to slow, his eyes fix on the floor, visibly embarrassed. Guglielmo looked at him, feeling half amused. The boy slipped his shirt out of his trousers, pulled it off, carefully folded it and put it also on the chair. Then started to take off his trousers and his embarrassment seemed to grow at each button he opened. Finally he slipped them off and folded them on the chair back. Guglielmo noticed that the boy had nice calves and thighs, he hadn't guessed that he would have. A long sleeved and full undershirt still covered the boy's chest. The boy seized his undershirt at his sides, crossing his arms, and raised it to his head and over to pull it off. Guglielmo had almost a shock in his chair - what was revealed before him was something completely unexpected, a broad chest, well chiseled, completely hairless, underage nude lolita art and two perfect arms. Now the boy had on only his briefs and socks."I can keep my briefs on, can't I?" the boy asked softly.Guglielmo was tempted to answer no, but noticed his terrible embarrassment, so preferred not to push it too far, at least for the moment."Okay. But you have a really well shaped body. You evidently practice sports, right?""Just some weights, at home."Guglielmo stood up and drew nearer to the boy. He slowly walked around Beniamino, looking at him from head to toe. That boy was really well shaped. He would possibly need some more exercise, but not too much, lot less than he guessed, and that body would became perfect. it was just a pity that those bulky, ill-fitting briefs hid completely the most interesting parts of his body. He couldn't guess the proportion of the boy's genitals nor the shape of his ass. With his hand the agent touched the boy's pectorals and Beniamino almost jumped back, looking at the man with wide eyes."I won't hurt you, don't worry, Boy! I an just feeling your muscles. Rather firm, yes. Some more exercise, and you will be in great shape. But, dressed that way, in those kind of baggy things," he pointed to the clothes lolli winters xxx tgp on the chair, "you hide everything. That's no good. And then, you have to learn to stand more erect. Shoulders up, go on!"The boy obeyed and, to cover his shame, lightly bit his lower lip. Guglielmo seized him by his shoulders making him to stand more straight up. The lolita sexy baby photo man felt a strong impulse to feel the whole body, to caress it, but restrained himself. He understood that the boy would have fled away. To early, yet..."Try to walk, remaining erect.", he commanded."Can I dress, Sir?""No, walk." the agent said sharp, but not hard.Beniamino started to walk. Guglielmo looked at him and thought that it was really a pity that the boy wore these big briefs, a couple of sizes too big. 'Who knows what he hides there under,' the man asked himself, 'If it like what I can see, he must have one of the most beautiful dicks and asses of all the district!'"Straight up! Up with these shoulders! Walk."He thought of Carlo. Carlo's body was possibly more beautiful, but this one was more sensual. He really felt the wish to jump on it and to rape it. The man became aware of being aroused, and that it was quite easy to see his hard on under his trousers. 'I don't give a shit,' he thought, 'even if the boy sees it." But he knew that it was unlikely, the boy had his eyes fix on the floor and continued to bite his lower lip. Guglielmo thought, 'that under those briefs, the boy could even hide a good fifteen centimeters (6 inch) tool when soft, and perhaps twenty centimeters (almost 8inches) when ready to use... Unconsciously, the man licked his lips. Beniamino had to became his bed boy. But with a guy so full of complexities, he had to go on slowly. The boy could just as easily surrender at once, or disappear for ever. He had first to gain his trust, his friendship. Possibly the boy was the kind of person unable to say no to a friend."Well, that's enough for today. Dress up, now.""Thank you, Sir.""We will have to do lot of exercise for your gait. You will come here at least three times per week, and you will exercise with me. And see if you can buy some tighter briefs, these risk to slide down right while you are walking in front of me.""Do I have to do it always... naked?""Sure, I need to see how you move your muscles, to correct your gait. And carry on to practice with your weights, also your violin. The sooner I can give you a decent appearance, as a real man, the sooner I can launch you. And you have to lose that look of a lost puppy - audience wants to admire you, has to admire you and not to pity you. Sorry if I seem somewhat brutal, but it is for your sake that I tell you this.""I understand, Sir. Thank you.""That's okay, I am just doing my job. And please stop calling me 'Sir', you are not a waiter." Guglielmo said, almost sweetly. This boy, on one hand aroused him very much, and on the other moved him to tenderness. He looked at his watch - he had just the time to go home to meet with Carlo. That night promised to be pleasurable, if Carlo, besides his availability, showed to be also skilled in bed....^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fourth SceneThe meetings with Beniamino continued. It was already the fifth time that the agent made the boy walk up and down, half naked, a book poised on his head. The boy continued to be embarrassed, shy, introvert, of few words. He did wear a little more tight briefs, but Guglielmo couldn't still be sure of the boy's dick's dimensions, but 'that' he hoped to be able to discover and to enjoy soon. He thought could faintly see a light swelling, maybe little or nothing. The small ass was a little more well defined - it had perfect dimensions! And, Guglielmo could bet on that, it had to be still virgin!For Guglielmo it was becoming more and more difficult to control himself. But he was determined to do it, in fact he didn't want this tidbit to slip away... The gait of the boy was improving, but very slowly. He was now a lolita preteen nude pics little less awkward, but still somewhat clumsy."So, then, be more easy, good heavens! Belly in and chest out! Up with your shoulders! Is that possible that you didn't yet understand it?"Beniamino stopped, looked at the man with moist eyes, and said, lolita naked too young almost whispering: "Please... don't treat me so... I am doing my best, really. Nobody ever told me that there is a right way to walk, to move..."This long sentence must have cost the boy a great effort to, it was the first time he said so many words at once. Possibly this was the key, make him talk, come out, react. Guglielmo, besides his intention to take the boy to his bed, was sincerely caring about transforming this boy, so talented with his violin. He really wanted to make him a star. His quest for pleasure never annulled his good sense for a real talent."All right, but now you know it. So, don't make so much fuss, you have to succeed, and soon. Walk, straight up!""I... I think I will never succeed. I am not able to show myself.""You will learn, you have my word." Guglielmo then said going nearer to him, surrounding his shoulder with his arm and pulling the boy against himself. "Sorry if I was rough with you. But my duty is to spur, to help you."He felt the boy stiffen, so he loosened the hold, then took off his arm.He went and sat down, then, suddenly, asked: "Do you have a girlfriend?"Beniamino looked at him surprised: "No, not now.""But you did have one?""Yes, two or three, but it didn't last.""And why?""Because I am awkward, and green. So they dropped me.""But, did you ever make love, with one of your girls?""Never..." Beniamino barely whispered, feeling terribly ashamed."And why? Explain that to me. Mine is not sheer curiosity - you have to learn to communicate, without false modesty.""I... I was ashamed to undress in front of them.""You could have done it in the dark.""I would have been ashamed even in the dark...""But, excuse me... does your tool work properly?""I think yes, Sir." the boy answered, blushing."And then? What's the problem?""I don't know.""And did you ever make love with a boy?"Beniamino was startled and didn't answer. His eyes fix to the floor."So, yes or no?" the man pressed him."Y... yes...""How many times?""Tw... twice..." the boy stuttered."Twice with the same person?""No.""And why not?""After the first time, I was too ashamed, so I avoided him.""And did you do it in the dark or with the light?""In the dark.""It was them to start the thing?""Yes.""Tell me how it happened.""Do I have to really tell you, Sir?""Well, another time, perhaps. And forget that 'Sir'. But, did you reach the orgasm?""Y... yes...""And did you like it?""I don't know.""What means you don't know?""I was asham...""But stop please with that "I am ashamed'! There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! All the boys did try, both with the girls or between them selves. It is the most natural thing in this world. Do you understand it?""Yes...""Say it.""What?""To make love is the most beautiful thing in the world.""To make... love... is the...""No, no, no, not in that way. Say it aloud, and all in a breath. Nobody hears you. Shout it!""You hear me..."Guglielmo was becoming enamored with this boy - he had to succeed in freeing the boy, and that not just to take him in his bed.So he continued, meeting after meeting, and when Guglielmo saw that the first improvements were visible, felt really happy. Beniamino was shyly starting to open himself, young lolita pics rusian to release his psychological brakes. Guglielmo had succeeded in making nude pics ok lolitas him tell about his two only sexual experiences, even the details (it had been just a mutual masturbation the first time, and the second time also an oral intercourse...) even if he had had to extort the words from his mouth.Guglielmo had been legal lolita nude books taking care of the boy for four months, with infinite patience, and with a growing desire in his flesh. Then he thought that he could try to accelerate process. One evening, at the middle of one of the usual meetings where he alternated his gait and walking lessons with short chats, Guglielmo said:"You made much progress, do you know that? ""Yes, Sir.""Listen, would you please stop calling me 'Sir', once and for all? I do have a name. Call me Guglielmo from now on. And fewer formalities.""All right, Sir.""Whaaat?""All right... all right...""All right, and then?" Guglielmo prodded."All right, Guglielmo.""Ah, good, at last. But you still have much to learn. We cannot lose all this time, we have to go faster. Therefore, from tonight, you will not do your exercises like now, but naked.""Naked? Completely naked?""Yes, completely. You have to overcome your fears, you have to be self- confident. You are a beautiful boy, you must not be teen loli chil top ashamed to show yourself. And especially in front of a friend. Because I am your friend, you know it. If I was not your friend I would not spend all this time to bring you out of your cocoon, no agent would do all that. I am your friend, and with a friend there is no place for shame. Therefore, now you take off your briefs, right?""I cannot, Sir.""What?""I little loli girl whores cannot, Guglielmo.""Now it's better. But of course you can. Come on, remove these briefs.""Please... I cannot. I didn't expect this... I am not yet ready..." the boy begged with such a desperate accent in his voice, that Guglielmo was moved."All right, for this time forget it. But one of the next times I'll ask you again, and you will comply at once, understood?""I'll... try..."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Fifth SceneGuglielmo let go Alberto. That is, he still took care of him on a professional level, but he didn't want the boy in his bed any more. He on the other hand continued with Carlo, who was really talented and uninhibited, both on stage and in bed. Guglielmo had also persuaded two other boys to give in to his desires. But one of them, in bed, was a failure, so soon he let him go. The other one was Guido, a boy twenty years old. He was the drummer in the Jazz band.But while Carlo was gay and made sex with him with evident pleasure, Guido was straight, and had accepted only to have the band's contract signed. But in bed was not bad at all. And just because the boy insisted so much about being only and completely straight, Guglielmo, in bed, forced him to be always and only the bottom. Guglielmo felt a great satisfaction to force the boy to satisfy his wishes. Guido didn't have an exceptional body, he was average, but his face was likeable and moreover had a really enjoyable small ass - firm, round and above all very tight, as he was still a real virgin. Guglielmo was enjoying greatly being able to deflower him! The boy, for his career, was open to everything, so, in a while Guido learned to skillfully use his mouth and now was able to give head in a wonderful way, taking it all deep in his throat, as a prelude to be fucked in his hot ass. He could also continue to insist that he was completely straight. That boy! But Guglielmo needed just to give him a wink, then Guido was naked and ready in his bed.About Beniamino Petrucci, things were slowly ripening.One evening Guglielmo said him again: "Out of your briefs, now."The boy seemed to hesitate, but then, slowly, almost trying to hide, he pulled off his briefs. Guglielmo looked with pleasure between his legs - the boy was really well endowed."Come on, well straight up, let you see."The boy complied then, without looking the agent in his eyes, said, quickly: "I feel weird being all naked with you all clothed up." and became silent, in confusion.Guglielmo slyly smiled: "That means that if I too undress, you will feel more at ease? Do you want me to undress?"Beniamino barely nodded yes."Then, you have to tell me so, aloud.""Ok, both naked, or both dressed." the boy murmured."No, really aloud.""Would you undress, Guglielmo?""Louder, louder!""Undreeeessss!""Well, that's it. All right, Now I'll undress. But you have to look at me. God help you, if you look elsewhere, understood?""Yes... I'll try..."Guglielmo went in front of the boy and started to undress. Beniamino looked at him and started to bite his lower lip, nervously, but didn't turn away his eyes not even a moment. As Guglielmo was undressing, the boy's member started to throb, to grow, to visibly rise. This aroused also the man who, composed, continued to pull out his clothes, until he too was completely naked.Beniamino let his eyes to glance all over the man's body, then in a barely perceptible whisper he said: "You have a beautiful body...""Do you like it? Walk around me, look at it. I am very proud of my body. And you to have to be proud of yours. Turn. Look. One of the next times I will also let you to touch it. You 13 14 girls loli will see that you will like to touch it. But for now you have just to look. Up with your shoulders... so, good." Guglielmo puffed himself a bit, "You look at me and I look at you. And our bodies are beautiful. And it's a pity that everybody cannot see them. But I notice how people undress me with their eyes - women, but at times even men. And I like that feeling, as now I like being looked at by you. I am not at all ashamed, because you are my friend. So you can look at me as long as you want. And one day I'll let you also touch me, because you are a dear friend. No shame..."Never a conquest had taken so long, time consuming, difficult for Guglielmo. But now he felt like an artist. Soon the boy would be completely ready, for the stage and for his bed. He amused himself with Carlo, and not a little. [only a little???] He used sexy young loli teenie instead Guido as a sex toy. But with Beniamino, he could feel that, it would be something really special. He would reveal for him the nudist lolita boy girl garden of pleasure of the sex between men. Beniamino would became his masterpiece. 'Right!' he thought, 'Possibly he would take Beniamino as his first and true lover.' In fact the boy was his creation, his creature, and therefore Beniamino had to be, and only for him.'Seven months had elapsed since their first meeting, when Guglielmo decided to start the sessions, when they were to touch each other. The first time they barely brushed. The second they caressed and felt each other for a while, just avoiding their genitals. But on the third time, all of a sudden, Guglielmo was no longer able to control himself, He embraced Beniamino tightly, kissed him in the mouth with passion, for a long while. The boy at first stiffened, made a weak attempt to escape from him, to evade, but then, suddenly, the boy melted in the strong arms of the man and returned the kiss.When finally they parted their mouths, the boy looked at him just for a moment, but into his eyes, then asked in rather a soft voce: "Why did you?""Because for ages I wanted it... and I couldn't restrain myself any more.""Yes, but... why?""Because I like you. Because I desire you.""Do you want... just to kiss me?""No.""Then... don't hurry, please. I don't yet feel ready to... to do... all the rest. I too desire it, I think, but... I have no real experience. I am somewhat scared..."Guglielmo kissed him again, young teen lolita nude but this time with more gentleness, while with his hands lightly caressed the boy's nape and back. he could feel the boy's erection quivering against his own erection.Then the man stopped and parted from Beniamino: "Let's dress again. I fear I will not be able to stop, if we continue. That I will not be able to wait."They dressed in silence.Then Guglielmo asked: "Did you like?""Yes... it is... beautiful...""Tonight, unhappily, I am busy, I have a meeting. But tomorrow evening you will come at my place, and not here. Okay?""As you like. But... don't take me... in your bed... not yet, please," the boy young preteen female lolitas pleaded.Guglielmo was pleasurably astonished how the boy had accepted it with simplicity, without trauma, the new circumstances. That boy was so sweet! Of a peculiar sweetness, of an innocent sweetness. The agent told himself that he had to proceed cautiously with magic lolita kingdom model that boy. Guglielmo had to be able to control himself, not to frighten the boy. Beniamino was too much sensitive. His first, real, accepted love experience had to be wonderful for him. If the man was able to skillfully guide the boy, Beniamino would be his, completely, totally...Guglielmo asked himself if possibly he was falling in love with Beniamino For sure, in a sense, he wanted to dominate, to possess him, like all the other boys. But while with the others he always had had a detached attitude, at times even cynical, like use and throw away [disposable boys?], he felt that with Beniamino it was different. The boy was totally relying upon him, and not with ulterior motive, not as a pastime, not for a hidden purpose. And that gave Guglielmo, in spite of himself, almost a sense of responsibility towards the boy, that amazed him.When Beniamino started to attend his underage lolita sex pictures home, Guglielmo proposed him also to start his first concerts. Beniamino accepted with simplicity, and with gratitude. At Guglielmo home, top nude lolita pics the first times they just continued to kiss and to mutually caress, at first on the couch, then on the man's bed.Until one evening Beniamino said: "Teach me.""What?""To do, well... what my schoolmates did to me... and possibly... more...""Yes, willingly. But don't worry, I will teach you little by little, and gently. At times it can be somewhat difficult for you, but you'll see all will go smoothly.""I trust you. I feel that you are a real friend."^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Sixth SceneGuglielmo became very patient. He himself was astonished with that - normally he liked to come to the point quickly. He normally considered himself a patient individual if he waited two, three weeks, at most one month. But he could feel that, with Beniamino, it was different. He had already spent months, and now he was not in a ebony preteen lolita galleries hurry. So, little by little, he guided the boy to the point that it was Beniamino himself to desire sexual intercourse completely, totally, without limits. It was Beniamino who offered himself; no, begged him to take his virginity. To tell Guglielmo that he needed him. To welcome him into young young lolitas rape himself, each time, in total wantonness, and who smiled happy and grateful, while the he took him. And Guglielmo discovered that the sex, under these conditions, could be an incredible thing of beauty, gratifying as never he thought a possibility. The idea that this boy he created, this boy that he made lolitas young sex bbs to come out from his cocoon and transformed him into a splendid, delicate butterfly, was something exceptional. Guglielmo felt himself more as an artist in love with his creation than as a conqueror. Yes, without any doubt, he was in love with Beniamino.The fascinated agent never asked himself if the boy was also in love with him, he didn't need to ask, he took it for granted. He could see that love in the way that the boy now often made the first step offering himself to him, looked at him, gave himself to him. A creature cannot help being in love with his creator.Beniamino was making a name for himself as a violinist. He started to meet with his first real accomplishment. Guglielmo coached him by being close, supported him, because he could feel that the boy needed a virile presence at his back, an infallible support. The agent was aware that the sweet boy was not yet strong enough to go his way alone. And possibly, Guglielmo didn't either want the boy to become independent, because in that case he was afraid that he could take flight and abandon him. This absolutely could not happen. Beniamino had to be his boy, only his, completely his, soul and body.When Guglielmo thought about Ben's body, could feel all inside himself to stir up. His body had become perfect - it was now even better than he could have dreamed.Now Guglielmo soon became aware of something else, something completely new for him. With the other boys he only cared to get maximum pleasure, without worrying about giving it in return. If his partner was able to get pleasure from his angels and lolitas nudes body, okay - if not, too bad for him. And more often than not, he had exploited these bodies making of them nothing more than objects for his egoistic pleasure and denying them any pleasure, or even humiliating them, using them just as an object. Especially those who, like Guido, continued to protest that they were straight. He did all he could to humiliate them, he forced them to do just what they liked least if it gave him enjoyment.With Ben, on the other hand, he became aware that his greatest joy consisted in giving pleasure to the boy, in making him quiver with passion, in feeling him burning with desire for him. With Ben, in a word, he discovered the joy of concern about the other, to care for the other, to give himself to the other. And all that for Guglielmo was something totally new. And it was beautiful.At times Ben absented himself for one or more days to go to visit his father. Once Guglielmo tried to accompany him, but the boy became terribly distraught and told him that he was too young lolita small breast ashamed to let other people to see the state in which his father was. In truth he was an alcoholic in this last stage. Guglielmo first thought it prudent to insist, but he ceased when he realized that his insistence was having as an effect a horrifying regression in the boy's conditions. Insisting, the agent just risked to compromise the results achieved to that moment.So, after those first couple of times, when Ben needed to be gone, Guglielmo let him go alone to assist that poor wreck of his father. The boy always came back from these visits psychologically tired, but sought comfort in Guglielmo's strong arms, asked him with those big, sad eyes, but filled with trust, to make love, and seemed lolitas nude underage girls to regenerate little by little.At the same time, Guglielmo had avoided discussing certain subjects, like for example Ben's childhood. The boy must have had a really sad and difficult childhood - this was the most he could get from him. Ben at times said to him: "You made me alive; my life begins with you..." and Guglielmo embraced him, moved.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Seventh Scene:One day Guglielmo was in his office and examined the files of the new applicants. This time there was a light music singer, who attracted his attention. His name was Sergio Viola, he was not yet nineteen and from the picture seemed to be a delicious morsel, very sexy. He summoned him for the afternoon. The boy showed up - the picture didn't do justice to the boy, who was a real bombshell. To say he was beautiful, would have been an understatement. Or perhaps, more than beautiful, as he really was, he was one of the most sexy boys he had met in years. Sergio arrived wearing soft leather trousers of tobacco color, very tight, contactos madrid lolitas nudes and a vest of the same leather, buttoned. And under it, nothing. Also under the trousers, it was evident by the lack of any line, he didn't wear underwear. From his basket it was possible to see that the boy was well endowed, and a small ass, tightly wrapped by the leather, was perfect, a real dream!After the usual questions, Guglielmo asked him to sing some fashionable theme. The boy sang. His voice was not exceptional, mainly because of the voice quality. The agent was somewhat disappointed. If the boy had a voice as fine as his appearance, he would have made of him a first rate star, the discovery of the decade... But in life, he thought, you cannot have always all..."Listen... Sergio is your name, right? Listen Sergio, honestly, as a singer you will have to work hard to improve the timbre lolita 15 old rapidshare of your voice. I cannot promise you anything. But, as you are the type I like, I will see if I can do something for you. Of course, as at the beginning with you I don't think I can earn what would be right, you will have to be available to pay me back in some way.""And how, Doctor Zaccone?""Using the talents you have, the gifts that nature abundantly gave you so generously. You really have a captivating body...""Do you mean loli cp links dark I have to go to bed with you?""I see you don't lack perception...""You certainly aren't the first to proposition me this way. But, at least, you are not as gross as some of your competition. Frankly, that's the reason I came to see you. If I have to have sex with an agent, at least I want him to be an attractive guy." Sergio paused and raised an eye brow, "My only question is: after amusing yourself with me, what will do, throw me away?""I have sent several boys from my bed, but never from my agency. If I decide to accept an artist, it means that, at least, he is worth his salt. You just have to be able attract an audience with your voice. My agency will place you, but honestly seeing what your skill is, how much are you worth?" Guglielmo shrugged."Do you mean that my voice is not suitable?""We can educate it, we can better it, and we will do it. preteen lolita angels bbs But, honestly, your voice quality is not the best, and it cannot be changed. If your voice beauty was equal to your body beauty, you would be the discovery of this century!""Therefore, not a great future, right?""Right. But with today's technology, in a recording studio, we can partially correct the problem. So you can sell records. But you have to never sing live. You can in playback, of course, but this will exclude you from the most important musical performances, shows and halls, do you understand?""At least, you are honest. In exchange for fucking me, you haven't promise the moon.""I try to be honest, while making my interests.""All right, I accept. I'll go to bed with you, and you'll do what you can for me.""Just one more question. Are you gay?""It could be, I never considered this aspect. For sweet innocent lolitas nude me it is ok whoever has a delightful body and wants to enjoy along with me. I'm not gay or straight, I'm horny.""You are not fussy, I see," Guglielmo smiled."No, but I do make a fuss for those I like." the boy answered laughing."And... do you always dress like this?""In this provocative way, you mean? Sure, it is the best way to be propositioned for sex, and then to make my choice.""Aren't you afraid of being raped?""From a person who is not ugly and who is skilled... why? I just can't stand someone who is sadistic... cruel."Guglielmo smiled: "Okay, then. Tonight I am alone, my best nude lolita gallery boyfriend is out of town. Show up at my place, at this address," he handed him a card, "and come ready for a full night of sex. I'm really longing to taste you. And if tonight you please me, tomorrow we will sign the contract, and you'll see that you won't have a complaint.""Oh, you do have a steady boyfriend?""Yes. But he doesn't know about my... distractions."At 9 p.m. Sergio rang the bell at the agent's door. On the dot, Guglielmo noticed with pleasure, going to open the door, wearing just an elegant crimson silk gown, he welcomed the boy and quickly took him to his bedroom."Let me undress you, you beautiful hunk. I am eager to discover your hidden talents..."The boy let him, assuming a sexy pose. In a short while they both were naked, intertwined on the bed, making love. The boy, even though was not exceptional in bed either, was not bad at all. He was skilled, uninhibited, and worth fucking. He knew how to give a good head, he was skilled both in being fucked in his little firm ass than in fucking. A very hot boy, go go loli teens and Guglielmo liked that easygoing little smile the boy had while making love. Yes, really not bad at all...It was little more than an hour that they had been making love, and Guglielmo was filing with great pleasure the hot channel of the boy with slow, long and strong thrusts, when the door bell rung."Who can it be? Fucking shit!" Guglielmo annoyed exclaimed."Perhaps your boyfriend?" the boy asked, amused."No, he is in Switzerland and I'm certain he won't be back before tomorrow. Besides, he has the key..." Guglielmo answered and started again to pump back and forth inside the welcoming ass of Sergio. The boy meanwhile lightly wiggled his ass and bite his nipples, enjoying the way the man was mounting him...The door bell rung again."Ugh! Wait me there, my hot boy, I'll just go to see who the fucking pest is and get rid of him in a second."Guglielmo slipped on his pants to hide his strong hard on, then the gown, and went to the door with a really annoyed expression. He would bet it was Carlo, who lately must have felt somewhat neglected... Well, he could even invite him to join them. Why not, a good threesome for all the night...^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Eighth Scene:When he opened and found Beniamino, his eyes widened, "How come you are here?""May I come in? I need to talk with you...""No... I mean yes... Come in my studio. But, what happened?""No, please, let's go to your bed... I need you...""Well, really... I think it will be better the studio...""I need you, your warmth, your..." the boy started to say in a begging tone, but suddenly stopped: "Who is in your bed room?" then he asked in bewilderment."There is... I have a... guest.," he finally admitted."A guest? Do you mean a boy? You were in bed with another?""Listen, Ben, let me explain to you...," he pleaded"You don't have to. Sorry if I bothered you. I'll go immediately..." Beniamino said going towards the door."But, Ben, listen...""I'll go immediately." the boy almost mechanically repeated and, opened the door, rushed downstairs."Ben come back...," he calledThe slam of the front door. Guglielmo understood that the boy was gone.The man went back in great hurry to his bed room: "It really was my boy friend, shit! Dress, hurry, I have to go and find him!"Sergio rapidly dressed again while also Guglielmo put on his clothes. They were out in few minutes."When can we meet?" Sergio asked."I don't know. I'll let you know. Bye, I'm sorry."Guglielmo took his car and drove toward Beniamino's house, going slowly along the street hoping to sun bbs lolita pics see him. He found him two blocks from the boy's house. He stopped his car and got out hurrying toward him."Ben, please, wait.""No.""Come on, I have to talk with you.""About what, your new boy? And I was under the impression I was your boyfriend. I am just a poor idiot, instead, right? Just one of many...""No, you ARE my boyfriend. You are the only one really important to me.""Ha! You just proved it to me. You felt safe, is that it? I was supposed to be still in Switzerland.""I proved it to you coming immediately to look for you. The other... I send him away.""Sure. And the next time? Leave me in peace, please!""No, you first have to tell me what happened. You have a ghastly look!""It's not lolita models pictures blog your concern. Go back to him, go!""I don't go back to anyone. Tell me what happened, come on. Explain me the reason why you have such a terrible look.""There are two reasons. One, you know is you and that boy...""Yes, that I understand, but afterward I want to explain you... But, the other reason?""My father... he is dead.""Oh Christ! I'm so sorry...""You are?""Beniamino, of course I am sorry. You are important to me, you have to know that.""No, I don't know 'that' any more.""Sergio, the boy, it is the first time I met him. He is just an adventure of many, nothing serious...""Of many? So then, you have also other boys? Not just him?""Well, either you come back with me, or we go to your place. I don't like discussing this here in the lolita pre teen video middle of the street.""Go home, let me alone!""No, I won't leave you.""I want to be alone!""No, lil lolitas girl pussy I won't leave you.""What? Now I'm your slave?" he almost shouted."No. But I cannot leave you in this condition. I want to be near you. I... I love you, Ben!""Nice proof you just gave me!""If you just would just listen to me...""I am just one of your 'many adventures'...," he sneered."That's not true," Guglielmo whispered taking Beniamino's arm, and gently pulling him, pleaded, "Come, please..."He took the boy to his car, and drove to his own house. While he was driving, looked at him out of the corner of his eye. Ben collapsed on the seat, his head lowered. It reminded him of situations polish lolitas non nude when, at times, he persuaded some of the boys applying to his agency to follow him to his place to submit to his desires. Some of them followed him crestfallen, passive, as if to show that they were 'undergoing' his attentions just out of need, not willingly. On those occasions Guglielmo felt a cynical pleasure to have them in his bed. He treated them like sex toys to use without any care, as he really thought they were. Pleasure objects, to bend to his whim. Guglielmo preferred who decidedly refused his advances - it was more honest, right. Or who accepted quietly, if not willingly. But he despised those who at first said no, but then let re preteen lolitas bbs him have his way; and their passivity attitude exalted and excited him. He then wanted to see how much they were ready to put up with... and normally they were ready to undergo to the bottom, anything.But this time, this same attitude of submissiveness in Beniamino, troubled him greatly. He was taking the boy at his place because he wanted to talk with him, not to abuse him - he would not be able to do that, surely not with Beniamino. 'But, what did Beniamino have which was different from the other boys?' Guglielmo asked himself while they were going upstairs. Physically he was really beautiful. But Sergio, for example, or Carlo, were beautiful and aroused him even more. And also in bed t